Friday, April 04, 2003

Hi All,

Just want to let you all know that the Australian Computer Society are conducting an e-Learning
interactive forum on the 25th of June.

I will definitely be going so if anyone would like to come along then let me know.

The cost is $50 dollars for non acs members.

For more details you can take a look at ACS.


Thursday, April 03, 2003

Hi Group,

I came accross an e-mail the other day. It's about a product called "Turnitin". This product is capable of checking students work for Plagerism.
I'm thinking that "Turnitin" scans students work submitted on paper.

The point that I would like to make is that in an e-Learning environment the process of checking students would be extremely simple.

It would be very interesting to see which students are actually submitting their own work. I am personally ready to embrace the new age of learning and would love to
submit my assignments using e-mail or in Web Page format.


Here is a copy of the e-mail.

Hi Mary,

A tool like Turnitin works best when used in a multi-pronged approach to
inform students about appropriate standards of academic writing and
monitor their work to identify incidences of plagiarism. You can use
Turnitin to help your students understand your expectations of
referencing from the Internet by having them scan their work themselves
and viewing their originality report prior to submitting it to you for
final marking. Each subject has a unique code and password which you can
provide to the students for self-submission. There is also a facility
for peer review if you like the students to comment on each other's work.

Secondly, you might inform your students that you will be submitting a
random sample of assignments to Turnitin as a quality check. With your
number of students 1 in 5 should be manageable. Research shows that
simply informing students that you use a system for checking for
plagiarism has a major deterrent effect.

Finally, you can submit any assignments you suspect of plagiarism for
scanning. You will still need to determine whether the student intended
to plagiarise on a case-by-case basis but the originality report is a
good place to start your discussion with the student about why their
work is unacceptable.

The IML has put together a number of resources to help academic staff
minimise the incidence of plagiarism. There is an information sheet on
using Turnitin and a sample statement you can modify to informing your
students about plagiarism. They can both be found in the documents
section of the UTSOnlineCommunity web site. There is also a short guide
to the literature on preventing plagiarism on the IML web site at

I hope this helps


Peter Kandlbinder

Sunday, March 30, 2003

THanks Mark for locating me - much appreciated.