Friday, March 21, 2003

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Thanks Mark for setting up the group blog and to everyone for the links. I have a link to Stephanie Burns site which I think is useful, it is: Stephanie Burns

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Student: Gloria.

Subject: E-Learning Experiences. Subject Nbr: 015402

Code: 4000. Day: Saturday, 9 to 5, Weeks: 10,14,24

Lecturer: Anne Bartlett-Bragg.

Module 1. List of Subsciptions to relevant e-Zines and e-Newsletters.

1. The Department for Employment and Learning Weekly E-zine.
This is from Northern Ireland, as a LL&N student, I should know
what’s happening in other parts of the world.

2. ComputerUser Newsletter
The e-Zine ComputerUser is available on Computer User

What’s happening on the Web and inside the machine.

3. Welcome to!

I am delighted to welcome you personally to English Club--the worldwide club for learners and teachers of English! Thank you for joining, and I am sure that your membership of English Club will be a big help to you in learning or teaching English, wherever you live.
Heaps of ESL activities

4. Welcome to the subscription list for the AGD e-news on copyright.
The e-News on Copyright is the newsletter of the Copyright Law Branch of
the Commonwealth of Australia's Attorney-General's Department.
The e-News provides free regular updates on recent copyright
developments including new and proposed legislation, copyright projects in
the AGD and other copyright-related issues of interest.
Previous editions of the e-news are available at

Another e-Zine for copyright is called Digital Technology Law Journal. Can be found at

5. Internet TESL Journal Announcements
The new issue of The Internet TESL Journal is now online at the following

This was sent via classmate from another subject. Is very relevant to me so I grabbed it. It’s a monthly web journal containing articles, papers, plans, handouts, teaching ideas and links.

6. LD online Report offers news about learning disabilities and ADHD. Free monthly newsletter is available from Adults also have Learning Difficulties so this again is relevant LLN teachers.

7. ESL Progress Magazine. This is attached to the English Club, can be found at have not fully investigated but has many activities, even jokes!!!

8. Wonko’s Acronym List can be found at:

9. Another High-tech dictionary can be found at:

I have found several other sites but may discuss them later.