Saturday, March 15, 2003

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

In my organisation (TAB Limited) they are only now starting to think about e-Learning as a viable option. One possible use of e-learning is for training large numbers of customers on 'How to use there Internet products'

Imagine creating a customer oriented learning CD that will train all customers on 'How to use NetTAB' or maybe just
producing a training course that could be downloaded from the internet.

The internet and e-Learning has enourmous potential for training large number of customers that is relatively cost effective to the company.

Thank you for the invite.

E-Learning is the way of the future and especially in my industry. We find it increasingly difficult to arrange training and assessment for our staff without incurring costs to the department owing to our large demographics. I would like to set up a distance learning training package (E-Style) that would allow firefighters from around the state access. The NSWFB has Computers, TV's, Videos, CD-Rom's and Fax's in every fire station across the state, so we are blessed with the infastructure. Hopefully after completing this subject I will have a broader knowledge of how E- Learning works and what are its outcomes.

What I did not know about E-Learning was that it is different to Web Learning, distance learning and on-line learning as explained by Susanna Tsai. Put quite simply in her words:
"E-Learning is mostly associated with activities involving computers and interactive networks simultaneously. The computer does not need to be the central element of the activity or provide learning content. However, the computer and the network must hold a significant involvement in the learning activity.
Web-based learning is associated with learning materials delivered in a Web browser, including when the materials are packaged on CD-ROM or other media.
Online learning is associated with content readily accessible on a computer. The content may be on the Web or the Internet, or simply installed on a CD-ROM or the computer hard disk.
Distance learning involves interaction at a distance between instructor and learners, and enables timely instructor reaction to learners. Simply posting or broadcasting learning materials to learners is not distance learning. Instructors must be involved in receiving feedback from learners".

In my opinion the "E" in E-Learning should stand for Electronic, because that is the medium that is used to spread the message from Teacher to Student rather than the face to face approach.

A disadvantage of E-Learning is the social stigma that underlies it. Meaning you have to be rich or well off to afford a PC, combined with the internet access fees and what use to be a free exercise in research has now added up to money out of a students pocket. That free trip to the library with the free library card is in fast decline as students scramble to gather knowledge form the web. I have also noticed students operating lap top computers at University, inadvertenly raising the social standard for others to follow or emulate. A case of he or she with the smallest and best toys wins. Another downside is the reliance one has to place on a computer for the information, if your computer is slow or old or simply freezing you are at its mercy. Add "The fact that web pages are often marketing orientated with pages a mix of advertising, entertainment and information"( Coleman 2001). Not so the good old book from the shelf, you can turn its page and presto there is the information without the bells and whistles.

I do appreciate the speed at which information can be sent from around the world within seconds and the virtual access of information is only a keystroke away. Simply type in one word, click a mouse and hundreds of articles or links to a subject appear, having said that it is also a battle to seperate the chaff from the wheat.The teacher is also advantaged in a E-Learning situation as they can supervise from a distance and allow students more leeway for thoughts and actions, which may of been restrictive in a face to face situation.

In summary these are my thoughts for the first week of my E-learning education and I am sure they will change as other people's thoughts and information about the subject is absorbed.

Stay tuned for more !

Mousing Around, Nursing Australia, August 2001 pp 18-19 by Coleman N.
E-Learning, E-Learn Magazine, July 2002 by Tsai S.

Monday, March 10, 2003

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